Speed Dating Workshop


MedST Speed Dating Workshop, 17th February 2016

Speed Dating Workshop Copyright: © Johanna Albrecht

On February 17, 2016, the interdisciplinary Speed Dating Workshop took place at University Hospital Aachen. The event, which aimed at promoting the exchange of information between researchers from different disciplines and thus to foster collaboration in the fields of medicine and technology, was jointly hosted by the Medical Science and Technology Profile Area, the i³TM, the EIT Health and the Aachen Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research IZKF.

About 60 attendants from eight faculties, University Hospital Aachen, and Forschungszentrum Jülich participated in the workshop to discuss their research topics and potential collaborations in seven rounds of talks. Preparing for the event, participants were asked to specify the technologies and solution approaches they are able provide and those that they need in order to be able to implement their projects.

In the context of current research challenges, biomedical engineering researchers can benefit from new technologies developed in the engineering and natural sciences. Likewise, problems in engineering and the sciences can be addressed using biomedical engineering technologies and model systems. A brochure containing the research profiles of all participants makes it possible for registered scientists to identify potential collaborators before the start of the event.

Furthermore, the Speed Dating Workshop provided information on funding opportunities for possible collaborative projects. In this context, the i³TM and the IZKF presented their own activities, which include the provision of funding for promising research projects.