Center for Biohybrid Medical Systems - CBMS

Discoveries about molecular mechanisms have led to a paradigm shift in modern medicine. Where purely synthetic implants, such as heart valves, vessel prostheses, and joint replacements, or therapeutic agents, such as chemotherapeutic substances, were previously used, the body's reaction can be more specifically steered and in a more natural way nowadays. This can help improve implant and pharmaceutical functionality and compatibility.

The goal of the CBMS is to bring together technical and biological components to form, produce, and test so-called biohybrid medical systems. In the foreground are both biohybrid implants of the cardiovascular system and pulmonary support sytems as well as diagnostic and therapeutic nanoagents for personalized therapy of tumors and inflammatory diseases.

In order to be successful, the production process must be considered straight from the beginning. Not only new devices but also new engineering is necessary in the early research phase, so that an effective, clinical process can be developed from the vision as quickly as possible.

The new building offers outstanding possibilities: its transparency stimulates exchanges and collaborations among scientists from vastly different disciplines. On system lab surfaces, designed specifically for the building, components are joined together to initial production units, in order to already show and ensure the feasibility of the complex medical systems in their origination.

CBMS Production Line

CBMS Production Line Copyright: AME & Carpus + Partner AG