Cyber Medical Systems

According to the 2006 BMBF Biomedical Engineering study, computerization, aside from miniaturization and biologization, is one of the three central progress-defining factors in biomedical engineering.

Today, most medical devices have sensors, displays, and touch screens, and electrically driven actuators. Typically, these devices rely on embedded computer systems as control units. Furthermore, these devices are interconnected, for example at the patient’s bed.

While the networking of medical devices was initially restricted to the mere exchange of data, the next logical step, which is already being taken, is the functional interconnection and collaborative control of devices and services. Aside from Hospital Information Systems and Patient Management Systems, which locally connect devices and services in the ward, devices are also increasingly connected through the internet.

Such developments are not restricted to medical care scenarios, but take place on a broader scale in industry, under the designation Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and Industry 4.0. In this context, current studies and status reports, such as those by the VDI/VDE Society for Measurement and Automatic Control (GMA), identify a strong need for further research, in particular in the field of automation technology. For this reason, the GMA has established working groups to address this important topic.

The term cyber-physical systems refers to a new generation of systems with integrated computational and physical capabilities that can interact with each other through a data infrastructure such as the internet as well as with humans through many new modalities. Cyber-physical systems as a rule have a high degree of complexity. They originate from the interconnection of embedded systems through wired and wireless networks.

Development of Cyber Medical Systems

Development of Cyber Medical Systems Copyright: MedST

Interconnection of intelligent, medical assistance systems via a data infrastructure to increase patient safety and treatment quality.