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New innovative solutions in the combination of medicine and technology are essential to solving global, social, and economic challenges of the 21st century.

Medical science and technology at RWTH Aachen University means the research and development of new technologies and processes for applications in medicine and is based on the already existing skills and infrastructure facilities along the value chain from basic research to applied research.

The MedST Profile Area is actively pursuing the generation of pioneering insights into the interaction of medicine, natural sciences, and engineering up to the adoption of new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures on patients. The aim is to establish RWTH Aachen as a leading research center in Germany as well as an internationally recognized research center for the subject medical science and technology.

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As part of the 150th anniversary of RWTH Aachen University, this video was created for the profile area Medical Science and Technology. It was broadcast as part of the show 150YearsRWTH - The Show on 10.10.2020 on the video platform YouTube.