Transfer of Knowledge


Due to the importance of interdisciplinary teaching, the research area Transfer of Knowledge is treated separately. It aims to inform students and scientists of the RWTH Aachen University about research directions and to qualify them for the new job profiles resulting from them. Furthermore, efforts are made to inspire the public for this research and to let them participate, e.g. through Living Labs.

For many years, the faculty of Medicine at RWTH Aachen University has been offering a Master's program in which international students from various disciplines are recruited and taught according to a very interdisciplinary curriculum. In addition to the Master program of the Medical Faculty, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology also offers various interdisciplinary courses. Since 2018, the English M.Sc. program in Electrical Engineering has a minor in "Biomedical Systems Engineering (BMSE)". Also, the German-spoken B.Sc. program in electrical engineering now has a minor in "Biomedical Engineering". This minor subject can also be chosen at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Similar courses are offered at the faculty of mathematics, informatics and natural sciences. In addition, the Faculty of Medicine, together with the FH Jülich, offers a physiotherapy course and the Faculty of Philosophy also has an offer in this area in form of the international Master's course "Governance of Technology and Innovation". Knowledge is imparted about decision-making processes in knowledge-intensive organisations such as in the health care system. Furthermore, students can attend a variety of lecture series at RWTH Aachen University, such as Medical Life Sciences, Apparative Methods in Phoniatrics and Pedaudiology, as well as the interdisciplinary Leonardo Lectures, in which the profile area Medical Science and Technology also lectures.