Center for Translational and Clinical Research Aachen (CTC-A)


Together with the institutions located in Aachen and Jülich (Leibniz Institute, Fraunhofer Institutes and FZJ), RWTH Aachen University offers an ideal environment for the development and translation of innovative therapies and devices from basic science to clinical application. The Center for Translational & Clinical Research Aachen (CTC-A) was founded to improve the conditions for conducting clinical studies according to internationally recognized quality standards. The CTC-A supports the submission, approval and execution of clinical studies as well as project, quality and risk management. The requirements for the development of new medical technology-based therapies and devices are becoming increasingly complex due to the increasing degree of individualization ("patient-specific therapies"), especially the implementation of biological principles in medical technology. For this reason, coordination via platforms that enable the safe and timely conduct of first-in-man studies is becoming increasingly important. A stable infrastructure that enables the production of high-quality test samples (GMP) and complex safety tests (GLP) as well as the execution of strictly regulated and thus safe clinical studies (GCP) has thus become an important component.