Textile Carbon Anodes for the Application of Microbial Fuel Cells for Paper Mill Wastewater Treatment

Weinheim / Wiley-VCH Verl. (2016) [Abstract, Contribution to a conference proceedings, Journal Article]

Chemie - Ingenieur - Technik
Volume: 88
Issue: 9
Page(s): 1252-1253


Selected Authors

Pötschke, Liesa
Heyer, Malte
Stegschuster, Georg
Huber, Philipp
Schriever, Sascha

Other Authors

Wortberg, Gisa
Beckers, Markus
Kroppen, N.
Gräbel, J.
Ueberholz, P.
Bastian, Daniel
Pinnekamp, Johannes
Farber, Peter
Gries, Thomas
Rosenbaum, Miriam