Chest electrical impedance tomography examination, data analysis, terminology, clinical use and recommendations: consensus statement of the TRanslational EIT developmeNt stuDy group

London / BMJ Publishing Group (2016) [Journal Article]

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Page(s): 1-12


Selected Authors

Frerichs, Inéz
Amato, Marcelo B. P.
van Kaam, Anton H.
Tingay, David G.
Zhao, Zhanqi

Other Authors

Grychtol, Bartłomiej
Bodenstein, Marc
Gagnon, Hervé
Böhm, Stephan H.
Teschner, Eckhard
Stenqvist, Ola
Mauri, Tommaso
Torsani, Vinicius
Camporota, Luigi
Schibler, Andreas
Wolf, Gerhard K.
Gommers, Diederik
Leonhardt, Steffen
Adler, Andy