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The Profile Area Medical Science and Technology is involved in the existing Collaborative Research Centre "Organ Fibrosis" -SFB 57. Of particular importance for the profile area are the EU project "Human Brain Project" (Neuroscience, Medicine, Future Computing), the cooperation with "JARA-BRAIN" - Jülich Aachen Research Alliance and JARA-HPC (SIM LAB Neurosciences), the ERC Starting Grant "NeoNaNo" - Neoadjuvant Nano Medicines for vascular normalization, Ziel 2 projects "ForSaTum" - Faster realization of novel concepts for cancer therapy, the EU-project "Hypmed" - Hybrid Imaging for Breast Cancer and the BMBF project "SMITH" - Smart Medical Information Technology for Healthcare.

RWTH Aachen University and the University Hospital are core partners of the European flagship project EITHealth. The EU is funding the project with 80 million euros every year - one of the largest, publicly funded initiatives in the health sector.