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Integrated Interdisciplinary Institute of Technology for Medicine – ITM

The Integrated Interdisciplinary Institute of Technology for Medicine (ITM) was established as part of the Institutional Strategy of RWTH Aachen.

The aim of the institute is to promote interdisciplinary research between the medical, the engineering and the natural sciences to develop new technologies for medical applications.

Research activities are already underway in two key research areas, "Biohybrid Lung Assist Systems" and "Research Platform Aachen for Animal Experimental Methods," ForsATeM for short.

In the key research areas, researchers from a broad range of disciplines work together to advance medical engineering projects from the idea to the implementation stage.

So far, as part of the activities of ITM, two funding programs have been established to support unconventional interdisciplinary ideas and collaborations. For further information, please refer to our ITM Project Funding web page.

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