Fusion of Electromyogram and Bioimpedance (Electrical Impedance Myography) for Force-Moment Control in Medical Assisted Devices

Shchukin, Sergey I. (Corresponding author); Gulyaev, Yuri V.; Kobelev, Alexander V.; Briko, Andrey N.; Lipich, Yaroslava N.; Hülkenberg, Alfred; Ngo Nguyen, Hoang Chuong; Leonhardt, Steffen

Moskva : Rossijskij fond fundamentalʹnych issledovanij (2021)

In: Vestnik Rossijskogo fonda fundamentalʹnych issledovanij = Russian Foundation for Basic Research Journal N 1-2 (109-110) January-June
Band: 109/110
Heft: 1/2
Seite(n)/Artikel-Nr.: 112-125