Weiterentwicklung des Turbospinnverfahrens

  • Further development of the turbo spinning technology

Popzyk, Marie-Isabel; Gries, Thomas (Thesis advisor); Feldhusen, Jörg (Thesis advisor)

1st. - Düren : Shaker (2021)
Book, Dissertation / PhD Thesis

In: Textiltechnik/Textile technology
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: IV, 196 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme

Dissertation, RWTH Aachen University, 2020


The turbo spinning process is a new type of spinning process that combines the advantages of the pot, roving and ring spinning processes. The disadvantages of the ring spinning process are eliminated, such as ballooning and the temperature increase due to friction at the ring-runner system. With the turbo spinning process, staple fibre yarns with a ring yarn-like character can be produced. Turbo yarns also have a high fineness-related strength, a low hairiness and a high roundness in the yarn cross-section. Different fibre materials such as wool, cotton and polyester can be processed.